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Welcome to Air Conidition UK Ltd. Our specialist installers, maintenance and hire experts work throughout Britain to cool homes, businesses, offices, vehicles, computer rooms and other temperature dependent climates. We offer expert advice and specialist consultancy services for the installation, hire and maintenance of your air conditioning.  More airconditioning on its way.

As direct stockists we can supply Noveau, Airconco, Airrex, Convair and Kenstar air conditioning equipment, all backed up with our full 5 year parts and maintenance guarantee. As well as air conditioners we also sell dehumidifiers from Ebac. Air Conditioning UK has a longstanding relationship with the ABPCO - The Association of British Professional Conference Organiser for which we provide coniditioning to events and exhibitions throughout the UK.

Unlike a regular air conditioner, a dehumidifier will actually heat a room just as an electric heater that draws the same amount of power as the dehumidifier. A regular air conditioner transfers energy out of the room by means of the condensor coil, which is outside the room. This is a thermodynamic system where the room serves as the system and energy is transferred out of the system. Conversely with a dehumidifier, no energy is transferred out of the thermodynamic system because the air conditioning unit is entirely inside the room. Therefore all of the power consumed by the dehumidifier is energy that is input into the thermodynamic syste, and remains in the room.


It's equally reassuring to know that, while we hold 19.7% of the world market, we also place equal emphasis on other factors that contribute to us being a major presence in environmental control.

  • Efficient use of international production facilities
  • Success of region-specific marketing strategies
  • Maintenance of quality and customer satisfaction
  • Adoption of the world's best core technologies

Air conditioning systems are designed to allow the driver and or passengers at euro eentres to feel more comfortable during uncomfortably warm humid or hot trips in a car. Cars in hot climates often are fitted with air conditioning. There has been much debate and discussion on what the usage of an air conditioner does to the fuel efficiency of a vehicle. Factors such as wind resistance aerodynamics and engine power and weight have to be factored into finding the true variance between using the air conditioning system and not using it when figuring out difference in actual gas mileage. Other factors on the impact on the engine and an overall engine heat increase can have an impact on the cooling system of the vehicle.

Create the ideal environment for working or relaxing with our wall mounted, floor mounted & mobile air conditioning units.

ATS Euromaster renews three-year supplier agreement with Hitachi Capital Vehicle Solutions
Fast-fit and tyre specialist ATS Euromaster has renewed a three-year deal with Hitachi Capital Vehicle Solutions to supply Michelin replacement tyres across a fleet of more than 51,000 cars, light commercial vehicles and trucks.

On the domestic front we are now installing the latest `designer` air conditioning units from LG. Also we are developing a relationship with various manufacturers of `designer` radiators. Gone are the days when radiators have to be functional and bland, homeowners can now ensure that their decor is complemented by their choice of radiator.

  • To provide the best possible levels of service at a competitive price.
  • To listen to our customers needs and be proactive in our approach.
  • To advise our customers on the best solutions.
  • To uphold our standards even at the risk of losing a client.
  • To constantly monitor our procedures and policies and alter them when necessary.
  • To educate and train our staff in all areas of their work.

The AC UK team pride themselves on their expertise in the field of Air Conditioning design and installation, we will only offer you the correct solutions.